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When should you consider having your web pages designed and managed by an experienced we page designing and publishing firm like CEI Sites? This question is often very simple to answer. Is there anyone who can run your business better than you? If your answer is no, you already realize that to achieve success in a particular service or product you must have an both extensive and up-to-date knowledge of that service or product. CEI Sites has the extensive and up-to-date knowledge in programming, internet commerce, and the retail sales trade. Before you get involved with the fancy suits out there selling internet consulting, take a look at what CEI Sites can do.

Do you need a web page?
      There are as many reasons for having a business (or personal) home page on the Internet as there are people and businesses in the universe. From keeping track of your family in this global culture to having your business both locally, nationally and internationally promoted, the Information Superhighway can help you achieve your personal and business goals.

HTML, JAVA, PERLE? Haven't got a clue?
      That's no problem, CEI Sites engineers, programmers and mathematicians can do it all for you. Our team of retired experts will give you edge you need to get the custom look and feel to your home pages. While many of our customers are happy with our standard $25.00 Home Page setup, most businesses prefer to us to custom design more complex pages. Custom home pages will do everything from advertize their products and services to take on-line secure orders and process customer feedback reports. Remember, our Standard $25.00 pages are just a place to start while you get your feet wet in the world of on-line advertizing and commerce. Instead of reading books on how to design a web page, have CEI Sites help you devote all your time to what you want to do the most, improve your business.

CEI Page Design is Better!!!
      Did you know that a home page produced by a web page generating program such as FrontPage, Word, HotDog and the rest will be considerably larger than the same appearing page designed by CEI Sites. This means that the pages you will get from CEI Sites will load faster and make your viewing visitors more eager to return to and recommend your site to friends. The result is more return for your buck.

Don't have a computer and you don't ever want to have one.
      Not a problem. CEI Sites can have your home page appear just as a full page color newspaper ad or Yellow Page ad with your address, telephone number and FAX numbers. The advantage of internet advertizing is threefold: Its inexpensive, its world wide as well as local and its instantly ungradable and changeable. The Internet can give you beautiful full color, full page international exposure for less than you would pay for a single listing in a city phone book. And the great thing about it is that as the www grows, more and more people turn to it than the Yellow Pages. CEI can even arrange for you to have email forwarded to you from one of our mall sites if you prefer.

Can I save money if I already have the ad copy on a computer disk?
Yes! Every bit of help you give us helps to reduce the amount of time charged to your product. Also, who knows better what to say about your product or service than you do.

Not able to scan in your pictures?
      Send your beautiful full color pictures to CEI. Our graphic arts, photo-professionals will scan your pictures and remove excess bytes for flash loading then upload them to your site for $25.00 per picture.

Not sure what to put on a web site?
      Call CEI Sites and talk with us. We can advise our customers how best to present material in their custom web pages to draw their customers to their products and services.

Let CEI Sites make your web pages work for you.
      CEI can make you pages alive with wild graphics or give them the conservative style more suited to other target groups. Want a new coupon every week, not a problem at CEI.

What about custom graphics?
        CEI can designing your logos and graphics if you desire at a small additional fee. Animated graphics are no problem for any web site. The cost of an animated graphic is dependent on the detail required to have the effect you desire.

Does this price include the cost of the site?
        No, but CEI Sites can host any size web site from a store-front in our Mall to many GigaBytes of space in your own virtual domain, but these charge is not included in our publishing cost.

What about uploading and FTP?
        We always include free uploading to your web site each page CEI designs for you. This is an important cost to consider when dealing with page designers. With CEI you will never have to know what FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is.

What types of pages will CEI Sites design?
        CEI Sites is part of Crossfire Engineering Inc. and as a Christian owned and operated company we will only work on pages and host sites which are not pornographic, sexist, racist, or contain material that any well meaning person may find offensive. CEI Sites will always be the final judge on the suitability of any and all materials we accept.

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