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More Concoctions from the Beer Engineer

The complete technical reference manual for the designing and brewing of all German and Irish Ales & Lagers. It contains enough information on hop schedule designing to keep the most enthusiastic brewer spellbound for years. This book shows all brewers how to design hop schedules for not only bitterness in international bittering units (ibu), but for hop flavor in combined flavor units (cfu), and hop nose in combined aroma units (cau).
Both the simple & the complex forms of a mini-mash and partial mash are covered in great detail. Formulas for carbonation with sugars, malts, and speise are given with corrections for altitude and level of carbonation. Complete kegging & bottling facts with over seventy five of the most helpful brewing tips ever organized into one brewing book. The sections on yeast culturing and the seventy nine recipes are well worth the price of the book alone.
Now anyone can brew " World Class " Beers from extracts & and specialty grains using the Beer Engineer's hop schedules. With its complete hop utilization, brewing charts & tables, label making tips, and detailed instructions on predicting starting gravity, final gravity, alcohol content, color and hop characteristics, look no further for the one Must Have brewing book for the new millennium. "This book delivers what you might expect from an engineer - useful numbers and calculations.
A modern brewing book published in 1994 by Jim Willenbecher (CEI Publishing, Broad Brook, CT   06016) ISBN 0-9632514-1-4, pp 205, $14.95
This book is also available in a comb binding for those who prefer a book to lie flat while reading. The Cost of the special comb bound book is $17.95

Brewing by the Numbers

" The First Book of Homebrewing " - The best book for the first time homebrewer. No unnecessary information; just the facts. A great first look into " World Class " brewing for anyone interested in the starting of a life-long love affair with brewing.
" Brewing Techniques " magazine says, in their May/June 1996 issue, "A folksy style with down-home tips that make it seem that you are being taught by your German Uncle insisting on natural ingredients and practical solutions on the way to making 'World Class' beer. He makes it seem easy but at the same time provides enough information to enable the ambitious beginning homebrewer to move on with confidence to experiment beyond kits."
All the important steps are covered with simple pictures and step by step instructions. None of the confusing chemistry stuff found in the other brewing books. The Beer Engineer says, "Why turn a simple process that has gone on for over ten thousand years into a boring load of facts that the homebrewer is usually powerless to control."
This book is for anyone interested in starting to brew. It covers all aspects of the beer making process for the novice. Published in 1995 it contains the latest brewing information on the rehydration of yeasts, use of grains & hops.
Published in 1995 by Jim Willenbecher (CEI Publishing, Broad Brook, CT 06016) ISBN 0-9632514-5-7, pp 41, $4.25.
Retailers find this book perfect to accompany their starting brewing equipment kits since it is an extract from the more advanced book " More Concoctions From the Beer Engineer."

The New Hard Cider Handbook

The New Hard Cider Handbook takes the HARD out of making hard cider at home. Now in its third printing it covers every type of hard cider, Cysers, cider mulls, and other flavorings. Contains over 20 recipes and detailed instructions for making your own special hard cider.
Reprinted in 1996. By Jim Willenbecher (CEI Publishing, Broad Brook, CT    06016) ISBN 1-888371-01-3, pp 49, at just $6.95

This Crud's for You, or . . .
Chemicals and How to Use Them

This Crud's an new idea in handbooks. It just tells you about how to use most of the chemicals called for in the most common brewing and winemaking recipes. Oh yes! It also informs you about all those little side effects that these chemicals may cause. It is the PDR of Chemicals for Zymurgy.
No one who uses chemicals should be without this informative handbook. Reprinted in 1994, 1995, and 1996. By Jim Willenbecher (CEI Publishing, Broad Brook, CT    06016) ISBN 0-962514-2-2, pp 24, at just $3.50

In Search of a Good 5¢ Yeast

This book describes, in a practical and folksy fashion, the process of yeast culturing as a means of obtaining high-quality yeast for a fraction of the cost of liquid yeasts. With easy to follow instructions, this booklet provides the techniques necessary to save a few dollars on every beer you brew using the simple equipment found in any hardware store and specialty food store.
By Jim Willenbecher (CEI Publishing, Broad Brook, CT    06016) ISBN 0-9632514-3-0, $5.95

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All books are shipping is by United States Postal Service (USPS) as boor rate and is very inexpensive.
Each book costs just $3.95 for postage, insurance, & handling (SIH).

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