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Crossfire Engineering Inc. is approaching the new millennium with nineteen years of continuous vibration fixture design, casting, machining and testing experience. We welcome you to join the many satisfied customers we have served over the last two decades. Our services started with vibration fixtures but it now incorporates other engineering disciplines.

Control System Consultants:     Crossfire Engineering Inc. (CEI) supplies control system consultants to various government, industrial, commercial, and private customers. We specialize in both hardware and software solutions to complex problems which require the proven expertise gathered over 35 years in the aerospace and industrial engineering community. Our customers include General Electric, Hamilton Standard, Sikorsky, & United Technologies Research Labs, and various foreign companies.

Environmental Testing Consultants:     CEI supplies system test requirements, test procedures, test logs, test reports and analysis for all types of environmental testing in the aerospace and industrial industry.

Vibration Fixtures:     CEI supplies designs and hardware for the custom environmental fixtures & tools made of cast bronze, aluminum and magnesium. If you have need of special fixturing and tooling, or just help with your electronic & mechanical designs, call us for a helping hand. WE limit the size of our custom built vibration fixtures to eighteen (18) inches in diameter and twelve (6) inches in height. We design vibration fixtures of all sizes.

Software Consulting:     CEI has supplied industrial control software for everything from steady state data gatherers, to real-time motion controls. We have provided software to the brewing industry, the aerospace industry, and the automotive industry in the USA, Canada, England, Scotland, and Italy.

HTML Software:     CEI also provides WWW home pages for several large and small companies around the world. Please contact us for a competitive price on your WWW software needs. Our standard home page prices start at just $25.00 for our standard small business home page. We are very competitive for all your HTML, JAVA, Perl and Script programs. We do the programming for the people who do business on the Information Superhighway of the www.

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