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Consulting Resume

Consulting Objectives:
Apply thirty five years of creative electronic, mechanical and software experience to the definition, prototype manufacture, and development of new products, processes, and methods through the intelligent application of processor controls and real time software techniques.

Consultant's Education:
Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from Villanova University with additional studies in mathematics at New York University Uptown and Manhattan College.

U.S. Patents:
Presently hold four Patents for industrial test equipment. The Patent are 4015466, 4016753, 4061025, and 4090130. Several other patents applied for.

Non-related Accomplishments:
author of several books: "Concoction of a Beer Engineer", "More Concoctions from the Beer Engineer", "Brewing By the Numbers", "The Hard Cider Handbook", In Search of a Good 5¢ Yeast" and others. Most of these books address the problems and solutions with the process control of brewing systems.

Employment Record:
Date Company Capacity
1988 to Present Crossfire Engineering Inc., E. Windsor, CT Vice President
1987 to 1988 Hamilton Standard, Windsor Locks, CT Consultant
1985 to 1987 Sikorsky Aircraft, Stratford, CT Consultant
1984 to 1985 General Electric, Utica, NY Consultant
1983 to 1984 Crossfire Engineering Inc., E. Windsor, CT Vice President
1977 to 1983 Hamilton Standard, Windsor Locks, CT Engineer
1975to 1976 Autosense Equipment Ltd. Bicester, UK Engineer
1966 to 1975 Hamilton Standard, Windsor Locks, CT Engineer

Hardware and Systems Design Experience:

Rates charged: straight $45.00 per hour for all work at our facility. Work outside our facility is charged $75.00.

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