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Crossfire Engineering was established in 1982 as an engineering company specializing in electrical and mechanical technical support and fixturing for the environmental test community. Crossfire Engineering was incorporated in the State of Connecticut in 1984 as Crossfire Engineering Inc.(CEI). We now provide engineering consultants and finite element analysis techniques to assist not only our fixture design department but to provide this service to our customers for their environmental test systems.

We no longer manufacture the fixtures ourselves. We shpply the interface, machining, assembly and casting drawings to you via email in DXF or autocad DWG formats. You can either use you own casting and machining facilities or we can recommend some to you. This gives you total control of all the costs by obtaining compeditive bids for the machining locally.

A our designers are retired we charge lower design rates than all our competition. Our rates are: straight $45.00 per hour for all work at our facility. Work outside our facility is charged $75.00.

The design department at CEI has over two decades of fixture design experience and we are sole-source of many complex fixtures for a number of aerospace companies. Designers and purchasing agents may call (860) 292 - 6633 and ask for our comprehensive brochure on this product line.

Vibration fixtures is only part of the story at CEI. We have been supplying instrumentation and certification of several large test facilities as well as providing the required expertise for writing and publishing test plans and reports.

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