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Crossfire Engineering Inc. (CEI) has been developing specialized real time programs for various platforms, microcontrollers, microcomputers and proprietary real time controllers using a wide variety of macro assemblers, cross assemblers, and compilers. These real time programs were used for the real-time control and monitoring of flow valve positioning, servo motor/brake controllers, digital sample and hold systems, analog and digital converters and filters, direct Fourier Transforms in spacial coordinates, model tracking and fail safe mode positioning.

Non real-time programs were used in Built In Test Equipment (BITE), Troubleshooting, control and monitoring of environment and production testing, process control, and other non active control applications as well as on the Internet for a variety of companies.

Internet programing is generally performed in HTML, JAVA, Perl, JavaScript, and Python languages. All HTML code is hand generated to insure tightly compact programs which will load at peak efficiency and speed. We never use code generation programs on the internet and as a result our HTML files are generally 25 to 50% smaller than files using auto-generating software.

All our programmers are experienced and dedicated. We charge a straight $45.00 per hour for all work at our facility. Work outside our facility is charged $75.00. We can give these very low rates since all our programmers are retired.

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