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Freezer Temperature Controller p/n 9025

temperature controller for freezer
9025 - The Freezer Tamer
Convert any freezer to maintain the perfect temperature for beer or wine.

The 9025 temperature controller is a self contained temperature controller which requires no tools to install. Simply plug the three-pronged electrical plug in any normal USA 115 VAC socket, insert the power cord of the freezer into the 9025 plug and place the themperature sensor into the freezer either through or around the door seal. That's it.

This controller is meant to be installed on a refrigerator or freezer containing beer, wine or any fermenting home brew concoction. Th 9025 will override the host refrigeration's cooling thermostate with whatever setting you select above the lowest cooling setting the the host device. Your setting will make the freezer section of a frfrigerator unusable for storing food as the temperature will be the setting you select not the freezers capability.

The controller thermostat will operate as follows: A typical beer setting for the thermostat would be 40°F. This will result in the average temperature of the beer keg to be 38°F as the controller will allow the freezer to cool to 36°F and then shut off the power to the freezer until the freezer rises to the set pount of 40°F again.

Range of Setting: 20°F to 80°F.
Accuracy: -2°F from sp ± 2°F.
Manufacturer: Johnson Controls.
Electrical: SPST, Open Low Style 1.

The 9025 comes with a mounting chain which will attach to the unit for hanking it on any hook you provide.

Price: $54.97 US.

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