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deluxe refrigerator conversion kit

KegMan's deluxe refrigerator conversion kit
Our most popular conversion kit.

The perfect refrigerator conversion kit for anyone who wants to start off with everything needed to pour a perfect draft beer year after year. This kit is the same as our standard kit with the exception of some component upgrades and all the cleaning and maintenance equipment you will need. Perfect draft beer every time with just a pull on the faucet. The perfect CO2 gas draft beer system for any home.

You buy the beer & CO2 tank - The deluxe refrigeration kit supplies all the rest.
Extra shank shown for information only.
Kit shank is the same but is hidden because it is holding faucet to the wall in this picture.

KegMan Products is proud to present our most popular refrigerator conversion kit: The Deluxe refrigerator conversion kit. It is offered as one of our four choices in refrigeratorconversionkits on theKegMansite. Please order the Deluxe kits by their kit numbers above and not by the individual part conversion_installation_instructions.htmlw. Complete Installation Instructions and Cleaning Instructions are available for all of our kits.

Deluxe refrigerator conversion kits by KegMan Products
Shipping Weight is 17 pounds
description of Keg Connector Supplied with KitKit Part NumberPrice
Deluxe Kit w/US tap for most North American beers9842$180.59
Deluxe Kit w/US TapRite LowBoy tap for most North American beers in moderately tight spaces9840$191.86
Deluxe Kit w/US Perlick LowBoy tap for most North American beers in very tight spaces9841$212.33
Deluxe Kit w/Twin Probe tap9843$181.99
Deluxe Kit w/European tap9844$186.19
Deluxe Kit w/Grundy tap (Anchor Steam/Bass/Caffreys/Watney)9845$210.76
Deluxe Kit w/German (Flat) Slider tap9846$214.19
Deluxe Kit w/U.E.C. tap (CO2 Gas faucet and regulator)9847$210.76
Complete Stout and Ale Beer Gas/Nitrogen Kit with U.E.C. keg connector
    SS body Stout flow control, nitrogen Faucet
    Flow control disks are removable to serve other beers.
  • Irish White Plastic Pub Tap Marker,
  • Micro Matic Guinness Keg Connector, and a
  • Nitrogen Beer Gas Regulator
Complete Stout and Ale Beer Gas/Nitrogen Kit with U.E.C. keg connector
    Brass Stout flow control, nitrogen Faucet, brass coupling nut and brass colored plastic flange
    Flow control disks are removable to serve other beers.
  • Irish White Plastic Pub Tap Marker,
  • Micro Matic Guinness Keg Connector, and a
  • Nitrogen Beer Gas Regulator


The numbers listed for below are for reference only and need not be placed on your order form if you are ordering a complete Deluxe Refrigerator Conversion Kit. The individual part break-down below is for those wishing to order one or two individual parts to up-grade their present draft system. Please select just the Kit Part Number for the Beer Keg require you want to tap from the table above. All Deluxe Refrigerator Conversion Kit have the following common components; the keg connector is included in the kits but not listed here because each kit above has a different keg connector associated with it.

The CO2 beer and ale standard refrigerator conversion kit has the following components:

The Beer Gas stout and ale standard refrigerator conversion kit has the following components:


Other Refrigerator Conversion Kit part numbers and prices are located at:

Cleaning Instructions and Installation Instructions may be found at these preceding references.

For help in determining which keg connector you need see the beer tap Information page and AccessoriesPage. For help in remodeling_draw_draft_system.htmlsituations see Long Draw Information and subsequent pages. Remember, you can always call the KegMan for assistance between Noon and 5:00 PM EST.

None of the KegMan conversion kit are supplied with a carbon dioxide tank because of the expense to you in shipping. We do sell tanks separately if you are having difficulty finding a gas supplier who sells the tanks. We always recommend that you purchase your tanks from a local industrial gas supplier or welding supply company since you will be getting your gas there anyway. While we charge the same, why not avoid the middle man and the shipping costs? One of our refrigerator conversion kits will provide you with years of trouble free draft beer service because our kits are made up from parts we use in bars, tavern, and restaurants. You can be sure of the best quality, dependability, and lowest maintenance when you buy from us. And we have a real advice line too.
Yes we do sell draft beer Cooler / Dispensers (a.k.a. tapsters, clubster, barmobile, kegulators) but if you cannot afford the cost of one of these high end items you can convert any refrigerator or freezer into a great draft beer machine for as low as $70.34.

Freezer Temperature Controller:   KegMan Products has one option you may wish to consider: Part number 9025 Thermostatic Control Device which allows any freezer to be regulated between 20°F and 80°F to allow kegs of beer to be kept and served from inexpensive chest freezers where towers can easily be mounted to the lids for a perfect bar counter top. KegMan part number see 9025 for price, requires no electrical connections other than plugging it in to the wall and then plugging the freezer cord into the controller.

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