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How do I make a genuine New York Egg Cream with a carbonator and soda draft arm, Soda Stream Machine or a Soda Syphon? The answer is simple but the results can vary just like they did from soda fountain to soda fountain back in New York around the 1950's. The soda jerk made all the difference. The ingredients are simple: whole milk, chocolate syrup (See Note 1) and seltzer water (see note 2). That's right, there are no eggs and no cream in a real New York egg cream.

Now for the details. You start by putting about an inch of milk into a glass. Then add a little seltzer. Now pour in some chocolate syrup. Make it heavy or cheap, its your drink. After stirring this mixture with a spoon until all the chocolate is well blended add seltzer to the mix to make up about ¾ the glasses volume. Now fill remainder of the glass with seltzer by pushing the soda draft arm to the back position. This creates the cream head. Here is where the carbonator and soda draft arm are almost indispensable. The Soda Stream Machine will do well if you follow the instructions in note 3. The soda syphons just does not have the power to make it perfect. The soda draft arm or Soda Stream machine are required to provide maximum creamy head. Remember you always have to work with what you got. Now gently add a little more syrup and stir gently with a spoon to provide a multi tone egg cream. I am told that a really good soda jerk can obtain 4 distinct colors, white, two shades of tan and brown. Enjoy.

Note 1:Fox's U-Bet SyrupIt must be Fox's U-Bet chocolate syrup to be a real egg cream. We do not supply it but many major national food chains carry it in the chocolate syrup sections. Ask for it by name, Fox's U-bet chocolate flavor syrup.

Note 2:     A native born city egg cream junkie knows that just any old water cannot be use to fizz an egg cream. They demand the use of real Brooklyn (Kings County, New York) tap water for making the seltzer, but that a story for another time. Any great water will do for the less mature tastes since I am sure the price for Brooklyn tap water is not too dear but packing and shipping may kill you.

Note 3:     My secret for using a Soda~Club Fou ntain Jet is to drill a ¼" hole in the cap of the water bottle and for the final seltzer pour I shake the bottle with my thumb over the hole and let it rip into the glass. This provides the same fizz as I remember in the good old days.

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