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Oh no! My draft beer is flat. What can I do KegMan?

Flat beer is when your draft beer has a foamy head which disappears quickly or the beer lacks the usual zesty flavor of brewery fresh beer.

Causes of flat draft beerRequired Correction
Greasy glass.Beer glasses should not be washed with other items which have contained milk or other fatty substances. Be sure to remove all lipstick from the glass before washing. Wash glasses with detergent and not soap. Rinse glasses with fresh cold water. Do not dry beer glasses by wiping - air dry on a rack. It is best to serve draft beer in a wet glass.
Faucet is not being opened quickly and fullyBe sure to open the faucet completely and quickly. Check and find the correct distance to hold the glass from the tap when drawing the beer. When done properly the beer should have a tight creamy head with an average collar (height) of ¾" to 1". Beer without a head has the appearance of being flat.
Not enough gas pressure.If the beer pressure is correct the tap should fill a 10 ounce glass in 4 seconds.(This is about 2 ounces per second.)
  • Check the pressure source for obstructions in the pressure line.
  • Check for a sluggish or defective regulator.
  • Always apply pressure to the keg before drawing beer.
Pressure is shut off.Turn on the pressure source and set to the proper psi.
Pressure is low.Check for compressor power or gas bottle pressure. When a barrel is tapped pressure must be applied continuously from start to finish.
Defective Thomas Valves or Tongue Vents in the keg coupler.Check vent valves, check valves, line obstructions.
Pre-Cooler or Beer System is to cold.The temperature should never be warmer than 40°F. On long draw systems the temperature at the faucet should always be at least two degrees colder that the pre-cooler or box.
Sluggish pressure regulator.Repair the regulator.
Contaminated air source.Filter all air as it leaves the compressor. Oil fumes from compressor or kitchen grease fumes pumped into the beer will make the beer flat.
Moisture in the air system.Drain moisture trap daily.
Drafts.Rapid air movement which blows or sucks air across the bar where beer is being drawn, may cause the beer's head to fall quickly. Redirect the air flow.

Draft Problems are usually very simple and easily fixed when you understand the facts. The links on this page will allow you to both set up your draft system and trouble shoot a system that has gone bad.

Before you get into trouble shooting a system make sure of following things:

Is the system Balanced?
Is the beer keg internal temperature below 42°F.?
Is your regulator gauge pressure set at the proper Pressure for the keg temperature?
Remember that all these parameters have been worked out over several hundred years and each parameter is very important in serving a perfect draft.

Select the page below for th problem you are experiencing:

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I have Wild (foaming) Beer!
I have Tail End Beer!

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