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KegMan picnic beer taps
for draft beer any where you are.

Picnic beer taps are the perfect alternative for a low budget draft beer system. A picnic tap turns any keg of beer into a picnic. With a picnic tap you can have draft beer any place you can carry a keg and without the expense & trouble of a gas tank and regulator.

KegMan offers a wide variety of picnic draft beer keg taps for all pocketbooks. If you are interested in a picnic tap which can easily be upgraded to a full CO2 gas tap select any one of the BEER TAPS from our complete line of gas beer taps and add a converter, pump, & faucet or a Restricted rod assembly and you have the perfect upgrade able picnic draft beer tap.

For those who prefer a very portable gas beer tap the 2.5 pound CO2 Cylinder and the Regulators. This is an unbeatable portable gas beer tap. That little aluminum gas Cylinder can turn your home system into a 10 pound portable gas draft beer system without having to carry around a 20 pound (weight, not size) gas tank.

You may used a (see Restricted Rod Assemblies with any tap to make a picnic beer tap for any foreign keg configuration (also see restricted rod parts).

picnic draft beer taps w/pumps
These picnic taps cannot be used with a CO2 gas system.
PictureDescriptionPart NumberPrice
Micro Matic 8" Legend Picnic TapMicro Matic 8" metal Legend tap - Always in stock for immediate shipment. It features a forged brass base and chrome plated 8" piston air pump, Base can be tin plated or gold plated (specify when ordering but other color will be shipped if the preference is not in stock), 2 feet of black beer line and a plastic squeeze faucet.8418$50.61
Case of 25 Micro Matic 8418 taps (Special Order)8419$933.12
Micro Matic Low Profile Pony Picnic TapMicro Matic Low Profile Legend tap. A convienient picnic tap system that comes complete with a sturdy forged brass coupler, a low profile plastic barrel pump, 2 feet of black beer line and a plastic squeeze faucet.8413$36.88
13 Micro Matic 8413 taps (Special Order)8414$389.15
25 Micro Matic 8413 taps (Special Order)8415$647.93

Custome KegMan picnic draft beer taps w/pumps
These picnic taps can be used with a CO2 gas system if you desire to upgrade.
KegMan Custom Beer Taps for all kegs
DescriptionPart NumberPrice
US Sankey Picnic Tap for Most American Beers9456$88.83
Twin Probe Picnic Tap for Yuengling9457$87.43
Euro Sankey Picnic Tap for Heineken, Becks9455$91.70
U.E.C. Picnic Tap for Guinness, Harp, Boddington9451$116.90
German Slider Picnic Tap for Spaten,Pauliner, Hacker9452$119.70
Grundy Picnic Tap for Bass, Whatneys9453$116.90


Picnic Draft Beer Tap Restricted Rods
The latest addition to our picnic taps family is the " Restricted Rod Assembly".
The Short 6 inch metal pump model is shown below.
Draft Beer Restricted Rod Assemblies
The restricted rod assembly is used to construct an all metal picnic pump for Anchor Steam, Bass, Caffrey's & Whatneys (Grundy tap); Guinness, Harp, Boddington (U.E.C. tap); Warsteiner, Hacker Pschorr & Paulaner (German Slider tap). All you need to complete this restricted rod assembly is to add a keg connector and a coupling washer and you are ready to pour any of the worlds great draft beers anywhere.
DescriptionPart NumberPrice
Restricted Rod Assembly with 8 inch metal pump (shown on left)8403$68.92
Restricted Rod Assembly w/o pump8404$57.90
Restricted Rod Only no pump, clamps, faucet or knob5320$35.90

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