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Carbon dioxide CO2 cylinder filling made easy

cga 320 threadswhich thread can be refilled

CGA 320 Thread Definition

  • 0.825" by 14 threads per inch USA
  • 20mm x 5.5 threads per cm Metric Approximation
If you have a cylinder or CO2 bottle with CGA 320 defined threads like the ones on the right, you can refill the cylinder yourself conveniently at home for a fraction of the cost of having someone else fill it. If there is a pin valve in your gas cylinder such as paint ball, Soda Stream Gemini®, automatic transmission shifter cylinders and others, our fillers will work on all of them. Easy Instructions are provided with more detailed instructions with each kit.


Now refill all CO2 cylinders with or without a pin valve. Our equipment has been used for years in paint ball shops, Seltzer cylinder refilling centers, hot rod shops, and commercial soda manufacturers for filling cylinders (carbonators) and testing CO2 bulk deliveries. Our equipment will only work with cylinders which have CGA 320 threads. See Refilling Instructions.
DescriptionPart NumberPrice
CO2 Cylinder Filler w/CO2 Nut Wrenches.
Syphon Source tank is not included.
Refilling kit includes instructions, Carbon Steel Ball Valve, Two CO2 nut wrench & all couplings and seals. Perfect for filling Gemini, Auto Transmission Shifter, and paint ball CO2 tanks and cylinders.
The Original!   CO2 Cylinder Filler
Now fill your 8oz, 10oz, 16oz, ,2½ pound or 5 pound CO2 bottles from a larger 2½, 5, 10, 20 or 50 pound cylinder for increased efficiency and convenienceCO2 Syphon tank & wrench not included. Includes Carbon Steel Ball Valve, Gaskets, Fittings & Instructions. Perfect for filling Soda Stream, Auto Transmission Shifter, and Paint Ball CO2 tanks and cylinders. 1 1/8" wrench required for use.
paint ball cylinder filling station from National Paint Ball w/pin valve depression system.New! CO2 Cylinder Filler w/CO2 Pin Depressor
This will fill any paint ball pin valve constant pressure cylinder without the need to detach to cylinder for bleeding.
Syphon Source tank and Paint ball cylinder shown are not included.
This will not refill a Soda Stream Gemini cylinder.
Refilling kit includes instructions, reusable CO2 seals and all couplings necessary to fill your cylinder.

Soda Stream and hot rod Cylinder Replacement System

The KegMan CO2 cylinder replacement kit is made of high pressure stainless steel braided Teflon hose and brass fittings. It allows the use of a standard 2.5, 5, 10, 15, 20 & 50 pound CO2 gas cylinder in the place of any small pin valve constant pressure CO2 cylinder. Complete with all fittings except your bottle fitting, comes with complete instructions. The total length is 4.8 ± 0.2 feet. Longer custom hose lengths are available at an additional cost of $9.50 for the first foot and $4.95 for each additional foot or part of a foot thereafter. If a custom length is required, please specify the length when ordering and use the part number 5057 and your cylinder must accompany order so we can use your cylinders pin valve fitting to manufacture the replacement cable. Your cylinder will not be returned as it will be destroyed salvaging the fitting required for your replacement cable.
CO2 Nut Wrench
Inexpensive (let's be honest: Cheap)
3 shown but priced individually
Special Comming Soon cylinder filler w/pin valve depression system.Coming in 2003!
CO2 Cylinder Filler
w/CO2 Pin Depressor
This will fill any pin type CGA 320 fitting (paint ball or Soda Stream Type) pin valve constant pressure cylinder without the need to detach to cylinder for bleeding.
Syphon Source tank and Soda Stream Tank shown are not included.
Refilling kit includes instructions, reusable CO2 seals and all couplings necessary to fill your cylinder. Perfect for filling Gemini, Auto Transmission Shifter tanks and cylinders with pin valves. Not meant for paint ball CO2 cylinders.
Now refill all CGA 320 CO2 cylinders. See Refilling Instructions.

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