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Making Soda is Fast, Fun & Easy
Soda Fountain Fresh Seltzer at Home in less than a minute!

StepOperation or Procedurebetter than a 1000 words
1stStart making your own seltzer, soda or carbonated drink by filling the charging bottle with clean fresh water. The KegMan recommends filtered water if you prefer the taste of filtered drinking waters to your tap water. I like to prefill several of the Soda-Club reusable charging bottles with water and store them in the refrigerator with their caps on. I also use the machine at the office with cold water from the water cooler. The botles should be filled to the water line. Excess water makes for a mess.
Note: The best seltzer is made from really cold water. Always keep a couple of bottles of tap water refrigerated so you'll never have to wait for them to cool down. Never put ice in the charging bottles, I found out the messy way.
2ndSqueeze the Tilt Lever on the upper front of the Fountain Jet with whichever hand is most comfortable. Gently lift and insert the bottle up into the Fountain Jet so that the carbonating tube enters the bottle. Rotate the full carbonating bottle clockwise while engaging the holding threads in the Fountain Jet. This is done most easily if you pick up the bottle at its base and place your hand underneath it. Then turn it clockwise, one and a half turns until it is firmly screwed in place. Release the lever and allow the Soda-Club bottle to move to the rest position, ready for carbonation. Now you're ready to make soda. Hand tighten. Step 2: attach bottle to Fountain Jet
3rdPress the button on the top of the Fountain Jet (using short, sharp presses). You will see and hear the gas being released through the carbonating tube into the water. After a few presses, you will hear a buzzing noise. That tells you the water is lightly carbonated. For stronger seltzer you may continue to press the button. For medium strength seltzer make short presses until you hear three 'buzzes' and for even stronger seltzer press until you hear five buzzes. The secret behind the Fountain Jet is the Alco2Jet Carbonator which adds fizz to your drinks just like a professional system.Step 3: carbonate
4thThat's all there is to it. To remove the bottle, squeeze the Tilt Lever again with one hand. As you squeeze the pressure will automatically be released in the charging bottle. Place the other under the base of the bottle for ease and comfort in order to slowly unscrew counterclockwise and remove it.Step 4: Remove and enjoy the seltzer
5thThat's all there is to it. Pour yourself a glass, and you'll have fresh seltzer tickling your nose for less than 17 cents a quart! And with all the soda and drink flavors to choose from, you can have any flavor you want, any time you want it. Soda-Club's Sodamix flavors are made from natural or nature identical ingredients and the light flavors are sweetened with sugar and Splenda No-Calorie Sweetener to provide a beverage with one third of the calories of regular soft drinks. Splenda is made from sugar, tastes like sugar but has no calories and helps to promote a healthy lifestyle for you and your family.Step 4: Remove and enjoy the seltzer
  Step 4: Soda~Club Flavors
To add flavors to your soda, remove the cap from the bottle of the Sodamix flavor you have selected. The cap doubles as a measuring cup. Pour out the Sodamix into the cap to the fill line . Take a freshly made bottle of cold seltzer (about 35°F to 40°F gives the best results), remove the cap and while holding the carbonating bottle at an incline pour the contents of the cap slowly into the bottle, preferably down the inside surface to minimize any effervescence that may occur particularly if you have made strong seltzer.
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