Local Small Business Internet Shopping Mall
Your small business access to the information superhighway of the WWW.

Low rent: Just $6.95 per month when paid annually.
(Monthly rent of $6.95 reflects a 25% Discounts one year prepayments)
Stop by the Rental Office.

CEI Publishing:     Complete Book & Manuscript typesetting, editing, printing, binding and publishing services. KegMan Products:     Complete draft beer serving and cleaning products for home, bar, tavern and restaurant. Racers Performance:     Engine, transmission & frame design and building to your specific need is our specialty.
Quality Bead Craft:     Plastic Craft Beads for retail and wholesale sales. All sizes, shapes and colors are available. Gem Jewelry:     Diamonds, gemstones, and fine jewelry at wholesale prices. Allen Hardware:     Complete selection of hardware, shades, paint and screens from a family owned and operated local store.
CEI Sites:     Complete Internet virtual domains for business commerce and advertising. Low prices and fast service. We can have your WWW presence up and running in 48 hours. St. Catherine of Siena:     Roman Catholic Church in Broad Brook, CT. See read Christian Biblical Catechetical Homilies on line. Local Places of Worship:     A listing of local places of worship in the Connecticut Valley.
Vinotheque USA:     Beer and Wine Making Supplies. Wholesale only but a lot of free information. Brew & Wine Hobby:     Retail store specializing in brewing and wine making supplies as well as gourmet foods. First National Cleaners:     Full service dry cleaning with the latest equipment and solutions.
Catholic Rubber Stamps:     Rubber Stamps for all religious and secular hobby and craft needs. Gift ideas and party planning. Anything Printed:     Color and Black & White printing from business cards to wall size ad displays. :     

CEI Sites and Crossfire Engineering Inc. (CEI) have developed an internet Mall for the small businesses and organizations of Connecticut's "Tobacco Valley" and Massachusetts' "Pioneer Valley." Here in our Internet Mall, small local businesses and organizations can announce their products and services locally, nationally, and internationally through the Internet.

Our Shopping Mall is perfect for small business. The mall will provide easy exposure on the Internet for advertising and sales. If you want your business on the Information Superhighway at a very attractive price Contact Us or call us at (860) 292-6633.

Our Mall is now on line and you can reserve your mall booth now. Timing is critical when planning advertising. If you were to place your advertizing in the Yellow Pages you might have to wait a full year before your ad would be seen by the public. At the Shopping Mall, the public will have access to your full color ad in less than twenty-four hours. That 24 hours also applies to changes in content and coupon offerings.

The mall rent is either $83.40 per year ($6.95/month) when paid annually or $9.25 per month when rented on a month to month basis. This rent includes 5 Kilobytes (5KB) of space for your home page and logo. If you require more that this we suggest you buy our simple 80,000 KB (80MB) web sites for just $25.95 per month when paid annually. CEI Sites will provide the page programming and uploading at our usual published rate.

You do not need an Email account to rent space. We can simply provide your mall space with your local phone number and store address. The mall rent does not include internet access. CEI is not an Internet Service Provider (ISP) but can arrange for your hookup to a local ISP. CEI can provide you with an Email address and fax these inquiries to you for a one time setup fee of $15.00 and a $1.50 per inquiry fee to FAX you the inquiry to a local phone number. If you already have an Email address we can forward all your Email to your address for a one time $15.00 setup fee.

In the fifteen years we operated a retail business we found that, once we were on the internet, over twenty five percent (25%) of our walk in business was generated from our internet site. We have found that it takes about three months to produce any internet traffic to your store since there are many search engines that will take that long to index your stores products on their listings. By with a little perseverance, your internet advertizing seeds will yield a bountiful harvest.

The Mall is now open for business. Call one of our web site representatives to reserve your booth. Do you know that people coming to Bradley International Airport from all over the world check the internet for Products and services they will need on the internet. The internet is one of the best travelers aids for getting the feel of an area before they arrive. Can you afford to let the competition grab them before they even get here.

Important Notice : CEI is a Christian Company. CEI will not permit any Immodest, Lewd, New Age, Pagan, Pornographic, Psychic, Witchcraft, and other such material that is inappropriate subject matter for a Christian Corporation to obtain space in our Mall. CEI tries to keep the Mall Child Proof.


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