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CEI Sites is a division of Crossfire Engineering Inc.(CEI) and has been serving the aerospace and automotive industries since 1981. CEI has expanded its activities onto the Information Superhighway of the World Wide Web in 1995. We specializes in small business applications of the Information Superhighway to promote the increase in sales of product and services at a reasonable rate of return. Our staff members are all retired programmers, engineers, and educators with the practical, technical and business expertise that only a lifetime of related work can provide. If you are interested in finding out more about the WWW and how it can help you in your advertizing, marketing, or special promotions, contact CEI. We can help you with.

In 1987 CEI started operating a small retail store which eventually found itself in a local strip-mall. During our retail store operation we advertised in trade magazines, local newspapers, books, and the Yellow Pages. As our business grew and the Internet began to become interesting for commerce, we started to advertise on the Internet.

Being an engineering firm we "just" had to produced a computer tracking software program to plot out what advertizing produced the most walk-in customers for our advertizing dollar. Now the results of several years of our tracking program are in. We have listed them below in order to share them with you.

1st Our Multiple City Yellow Page listings after being in print for one year produced about 70% of our new walk-in customers.
2nd Our Internet advertizing, three months after being properly posted to the top 25 search engines, produced approximately 20% of our new walk-in customers. It is now no wonder that we are no longer in a store at all. All our customers are finding us either by our internet sites or word of mouth. Our advertizing costs are now less than $0.003 per dollar of sales.
3rd And that indicated the Internet can be five times more cost effective than all other form of advertising for producing new walk-in customers. It was less than 90¢ for each new paying customer. That is a big difference from the $4.49 per customer for all other advertizing.

While multiple Yellow Page listings produced over 70% of our new walk-in customers, we computed the average cost per walk-in customer for the Internet to be One Fifth the cost of the Yellow Pages. So can you afford to do without your other forms of advertizing? The answer is a simple No. But we think that inexpensive Internet advertizing can be a significant, yet inexpensive, source of new customers for your store. CEI is by far the most effective source available to offer you your spot on the Information Superhighway. Check around and see if anyone else can offer you the technical expertise and the retail knowledge to help you grow your business.

We think that our Internet pricing for both Publishing and Hosting is not only more effective and on target than the competition but because of our experience our prices are much lower. Our Internet offering are the best deal in town or out of town. We can help your small business with a two prong approach: low start-up costs and low monthly fees. Call us at 1-860-292-6633 for free information on how easy it is for your to work the web.

CEI Sites offers several comprehensive Internet advertizing packages to suite ever small business need from full virtual domain accounts, mall store fronts and booths in our international mall, to effective management of your existing internet accounts and domains.

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