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This page is presently under construction but is active. It will contain information and links to spiritual things that may not be known to you. Come back often to see what we are building here.

Under Construction

URL Description
astm.html The Altar Server Manual ­ Prepared to train people of all ages in the duties and practices of being an Altar Server in the Roman Catholic Church.
psalms.html 150 Psalms of David ­ Psalms in a modern American language style. These psalms have been the daily prayer of the Church and its elder brothers, the Jews, for almost 3000 years.
didache.html The Didache ­ Teachings of the Twelve. It was written between 65 AD and 80 AD to instruct new members to the Church how to conduct their lives. This document was accepted in the Church about 200 years before the New Testament was available to the Church.

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