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Purpose : CEI wishes to give all volunteer ministries in Connecticut a chance to publish their needs on the world wide web. If you have a voluntary ministry located in North Central Connecticut or The Springfield area of Massachusetts please contact us by contacting the Webmaster and we will try to give you free assistance with your ministries. CEI does reserve the right to investigate any ministry applying for this service and reserves the right to refuse any ministry which it sees as a potential conflict with the other ministries listed on this page.

Who will be considered. : Any volunteer ministry who works with the poor, imprisoned, or a prisoner release program will qualify for this page. CEI will reject any ministry which promotes hate, religious intolerance, bigotry, or is associated with "Cult" activities. We usually require a written letter form your pastor, minister, or rabbi confirming your affiliation with an their religious group and stating the purpose of your ministry.

What will be listed. : Your ministry category, Reference Code, and Need is all that will be listed. You will be contacted by CEI when someone sends us Email with the availability of what you are looking for. We will give you their name and phone number. CEI will not provide any pick-up or delivery of items between ministries and donors.

MINISTRIES : The following ministries have stated their specific needs and would like to receive donations for the purposed stated. Please by contact the Webmaster if you can help these ministries. Your donations do not have to be in new condition, they just have to be usable. We usually request bibles be in the Revised Standard or Revised Standard CE because many of the inmates have trouble with reading the older versions which are available to them. Large print versions would always be most appreciated.

Category Reference Code Needs
Prison Osborn Bible Study Bibles: Revised Standard (RS), RS CE, New
American, & American Standard Editions.
Prison Willard Bible Study Bibles: Revised Standard (RS) & RS CE Editions
Prison Osborn Catholic Rosaries: Black or White String ­ Plastic only
No gang colors
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